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Payne Mechanical Are Commercial Experts When It Comes to The Commercial Industry. We are Expert Providers in High - Efficiency Roof Top Units for Heating and Cooling in the Commercial Field. We Specialize in Installation, Repair and Maintenance.

Installation Services - It's never an easy decision to choose a heating and cooling system for your place of business. Let our experts at Payne Mechanical help you decide on the perfect brand and product specific to your business and needs. As an Authorized Trane Dealer, Payne Mechanical has access to a great line of leading comfort equipment. Trane has the capacity, efficiency and prices that will fit all of your needs. Systems include cooling, heating, air cleaners, thermostats and accessories.

Payne Mechanical Specializes in Installation, Repair and Maintenance on the following Commercial products:

Convenient Stores


Grocery Chain Facilities

Retail Stores


Grocery Store Franchises

Flower Shops

Medical Care Facilities


Distributors and Much More.

Payne Mechanical Offers Great Maintenance Programs and Plans to Help Extend the Life and Longevity of Your Equipment. If You Have Problems with Your Systems, No Matter the Time of Day or Night...We Provide 24 Hour Service. Rest Assured, Payne Mechanical Will Be Close by To Help! With Our Extreme Dedication, Knowledge, Dependability, and Decades of Experience We Have No Doubt We Will Be Your #1 Provider for Your Residential Heating and Cooling Needs. Call Us Today at 810-487-2080!

Regardless of the Size of Your Installation or Repair, Payne Mechanical Offers Wells Fargo Financing to All Our Customers. If Interested, Ask Your Payne Mechanical Technician for Details on How to Apply and Receive Fast Approval


How Often should I Change Filters?

There is no hard and fast rule about when to change filters, and it will depend largely on the size of your building, how many people work there, the type of filter you specify on maintenance, and what you do. So it “depends” is truly the right answer. In an ideal world you would change a filter when it is full of things filters catch. You would need to measure the drop in pressure across the filter telling you it’s full with a monometer, however most commercial air handlers are not equipped with these devices. So filters are typically scheduled to be changed when you’d anticipate they are full of dirt and other stuff filters catch.  

At a minimum, this would be quarterly for standard “throwaway” media filters, although in high traffic areas once or twice a month may be needed. You may have to adjust this schedule if your filters get dirty faster.

How Long Will My HVAC System Last?

This answer is actually trickier than it seems, since different types of equipment age at different rates. The amount of “run time” is also a factor. Generally, an HVAC system will last between 12 and 15 years, while some larger tonnage systems, chillers and boilers can last 20 to 35 years depending on the brand, type of installation and location.

Your building automation controls are another consideration. Many buildings compete with peer buildings for tenants. To ensure comfort levels are adequate these are retrofitted, recommissioned and updated every few years to keep up with security and comfort needs as technology improves. 

Should I Do Repairs In-House or Outsource?

One of the more common questions we get from facility managers is whether they should do repairs and maintenance themselves, and the answer is, that depends.

Is your facility large enough to justify full-time, in-house maintenance presence?  If you have a larger facility or campus, you may ask yourself: “When could outside mobile HVAC service technicians complement my in-house maintenance team?”

Typically, in-house teams are asked to do a lot of general repairs in a facility. It may not be prudent to invest in specialized tools and training for these individuals to handle infrequent, complex repairs.  An outside resource could complement your team with specialized tools and expertise, such as combustion testing on:

  • steam and hydronic boilers,

  • cooling tower overhauls,

  • building controls programming and integration,

  • air-conditioning compressor overhauls, or

  • replacement of mechanical systems.

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